ISO-DRAIN Dimpled Sheet for Interior Construction –
What types to use, why and where?

If something looks great on the outside, this generates interest as to the treasures contained inside. Works of art, whether natural or man-made, whether simple and unassuming or luxurious and bombastic, radiate harmony as a whole. A symbiosis evolves between the outside and the inside if both are designed in balance and are constructed and maintained with care.

Interior Building Construction – For Enhanced Inner Values.

All are essential components for professional construction of upscale interiors. The counterparts of ISO-DRAIN products for outside structural protection, they offer outstanding benefi ts in wide-ranging indoor applications - including ventilated insulation of basements and other below-ground rooms, fl oor insulation with footfall noise control and uncoupling underlays for tile fl ooring.

Ideal insulation of indoor surfaces
Optimum air circulation
Outstanding footfall sound reduction
Cushioning of heavy objects with small support areas
Problem-free use with a broad range of products and materials

Designed specifi cally for the diverse requirements and challenges of interior construction, ISO-DRAIN sheet products solve any problem in floors, walls and ceilings.

They provide insulation, ventilation and waterproofi ng while ensuring optimum air circulation. Used as a receiving surface for gypsum or lime plasters, for footfall noise absorption, as an uncoupling underlay for control of substrate crack propagation, for secure anchoring of adhesive cements or as an underlay below a wide variety of fl oor fi nishes such as laminates, parquet, planking, linoleum, cork or tiles – with ISO-DRAIN dimpled sheet on the inside, you’re on the safe side.