Infinex Group – The Plastics Processing Experts –
Inquisitive Minds and Decades of Expertise in Concert.

The Infinex Group, an independent group of companies owned and managed by the Hartl entrepreneurial family, is made up exclusively of plastics processing companies. The group’s manufacturing and development operations are located in Haiterbach in Germany’s beautiful Black Forest. Haiterbach is the corporate headquarters of the Infinex group and the home town of this second-generation entrepreneurial family. Prosperous by tradition, the Haiterbach region has time and again proven able to weather through crises, reflected as well in the loyalty and low turnover rate of Infinex employees. Their knowledge and skills are capital assets which pay dividends with uncompromising "Made in Germany" workmanship. Pooling of plastics technology and know-how from various companies permits flexible response to future challenges of national and international marketplaces as well as optimum fulfilment of ever-more-personalized customer needs. Intelligent interaction of human resources and machinery is essential in optimizing procedures and manufacturing processes and reducing time required for our actions and reactions. Our awareness for synergies – in conjunction with intuitive judgement, many years of experience and wide-ranging expertise – helps us focus on meeting customers’ needs.

Among the members of the Infinex Group are the brands TRIPLEX, KIBO and ISO-DRAIN, specialty sheet manufacturers Interplast Kunststoffe GmbH and Interplast Kunststoffe s.r.o., as well as Infinex North America.