What Types of ISO-DRAIN dimpled sheets to Use, Where and Why?

Premium-Quality Dimpled Sheets for structural and civil engineering

Simply because ISO-DRAIN 2+2 to 25 mm will be your well proven material used everywhere – be it for tunnel applications, road construction, construction of buildings with or without green roof, interior or exterior use, even for automotive parts.
ISO-DRAIN eco 8 D and ISO-DRAIN eco 8 V – perfectly suitable as foundation wall protection and concrete blinding beds ISO-DRAIN eco 10 GS and ISO-DRAIN eco 8 GS – for bituminous coating protection
ISO-DRAIN eco 8 G and ISO-DRAIN eco 10 G – secure draining due to Geotextile lamination
ISO-DRAIN eco 20 – used for tunnel draining and heavy duty concrete blinding beds
ISO-DRAIN nature 25 P – drainage and water reservoir sheets for Green Roofs
ISO-DRAIN 8 M – interior insulation of basements and below-ground rooms
ISO-DRAIN 3 – flooring ventilation
ISO-DRAIN eco 2+2 G – enhanced basement wall protection