ISO-DRAIN dimpled sheet for roof garden construction –
What types to use, why and where?

The buzzword of morn times is "green" – and green construction is sustainable construction. The goal is to optimize eco-compatibility over the building's entire lifetime, minimize energy and natural resource consumption, reduce environmental impact and therefore make the world a healthier place to live in. While sometimes difficult to envision, increasing environmental compatibility of buildings by green design can be much less expensive than one might expect. Conventional eco-friendly construction focusses solely on use of renewable resources – for example, sunlight for room illumination. Green roofs with plant life and trees go a step further, making a meaningful contribution towards sustainability and efficient energy usage in these times of climate change and natural resource shortages. Roof gardens not only improve thermal insulation of building structures, they provide useful areas e.g. for pets and wildlife as well as biotopes.

For information about ISO-DRAIN dimpled sheet products, their optimum application fields and their special features making them best suited for these fields, please read on in this brochure. All have one thing in common: they offer outstanding benefits to home and building owners with the professional protection they provide in green roof terraces and roof gardens.
ISO-DRAIN dimpled sheets are used in standard scenarios as well as specialty applications including beach bars on parking garage roofs, outdoor, sports and wellness facilities on hotel roofs and relaxation zones on top of office buildings. They let you experience nature anywhere – with nothing added except safety.

Reliable waterproofing
Outstanding drainage capacity
Secure removal of inflowing water
Controlled water storage and release
Optimum root aeration
High compressive strength
Enhanced thermal insulation
Air conditioning power savings

Green instead of Grey

Nature is coming back to the city. Architecture is on the verge of a revolution. Morn building design is going in new directions and crossing ecological frontiers in many sectors. Shrubbery, trees, flowers, lawns and climbing plants are shooting up over more and more buildings everywhere you look. Fascinating examples of green architecture are found today in spectacular roof gardens all over the world, creating completely new urban landscapes.

ISO-DRAIN dimpled sheet products are available in a wide range of characteristics and features. Selection of the best ISO-DRAIN product for the application at hand ensures optimum drainage performance as well as controlled water storage and release, creating ideal conditions for growth of plant life on the structure.