ISO-DRAIN Dimpled Sheet for Blinding Beds – What types to use, why and where?

Objects that are valuable or must be used for a long time are normally treated with great care. They are usually protected by means of packaging or cushioning. In other words, the object is “separated” by a protective layer from harmful effects coming from the surroundings. In the technical language of building construction, civil engineering and landscaping, this protective layer is referred to as a blinding bed.

ISO-DRAIN eco 8 D and ISO-DRAIN eco 20 are plastic dimpled sheet products which make ideal blinding beds while also providing outstanding protection of foundation walls. They completely eliminate the need for conventional lean concrete blinding beds and the excavation work they require. Due to their excellent waterproofing properties, ISO-DRAIN dimpled sheet products ensure highest security in blinding beds and also provide costefficient installation.

Blinding Beds – Separation and Protection Combined.

ISO-DRAIN blinding beds upgrade the structures they support by their high durability, outstanding full-surface ventilation and enhanced thermal insulation. The dimpled sheets protect the structural surfaces from harmful environmental effects such as moisture, soil, root penetration and freeze-up of absorbed water, ensuring long service life of the structure.

Installation of ISO-DRAIN dimpled sheet is fast and easy, contributing to rapid and cost-efficient execution of the overall project.

Ideal separation and protection
High security, long service life
Optimum ventilation of structural surface
Enhanced thermal insulation
Fast installation
Low installation costs