ISO-DRAIN Dimpled Sheet for Civil Engineering and Tunnel Construction – What types to use, why and where?

When one thinks of famous tunnels in Europe, the enormous tunnels in the Alps are probably the first to come to mind, such as the Gotthard, Simplon and Lötschberg tunnels. Essential for border-free traffic, advanced tunnel technologies promote economic progress and bring people closer together.

Tunnels are everywhere: road tunnels, underwater tunnels, metro tunnels, railway tunnels and pedestrian tunnels. Well-known examples include the Eurotunnel under the English Channel, the Fenghuo-Shan tunnel and the 91 Alpine tunnels passed through on the scenic Glacier Express in Switzerland. Tunnel engineering is a science in its own right with evolved highly specialized processes such as cut-and-cover, underground boring, float-andsink, blasting and jacking. But, however it is constructed, the main enemy of a tunnel is always water.

ISO-DRAIN are plastic dimpled sheet products which protect underground structures by insulating and draining off water accumulation. Used as drainage layers performance layers, they provide outstanding protection and are indispensable in modern civil engineering and tunnel construction.

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ISO-DRAIN sheet products incorporate unique design features and superb manufacturing quality permitting precision installation. ISO-DRAIN products laminated with plastic mesh are offered for use as a spacer layer providing full-surface air circulation between structural components. ISO-DRAIN products laminated with geotextile mats provide secure filtration and drainage of inflowing water. At the top of the list of advantages of ISO-DRAIN sheet products is the outstanding drainage and ventilation they provide.

High-performance drainage / ventilation
Unsurpassed drainage capacity
Secure removal of inflowing water
Superb durability
Outstanding compressive strength
Optimum ventilation over and behind masonry

New in Our Product Range:
For modern tunnel construction
You can find them everywhere: road tunnels, underwater tunnels, metro tunnels, railway tunnels and pedestrian tunnels – tunnels that keep us moving forward day after day. As traffic levels steadily increase, so too do the structural demands on a tunnel. One of the greatest challenges for any tunnel is that posed by water. To deal with this, new drainage membranes are now available: the ISO-DRAIN 40 and ISO-DRAIN 40 A.
Download News ISO-DRAIN 40 and ISO-DRAIN 40 A (PDF)