ISO-DRAIN Dimpled Sheet for Foundation Wall Protection –
What types to use, why and where?

Optimum underground wall protection in buildings and civil engineering structures is possible only if all elements of the application are taken into account. Among the important factors are the composition of the surrounding soil – e.g. whether sandy or moist – and the presence of nearby bodies of water or sloped surfaces.

ISO-DRAIN dimpled sheets – provide wide-ranging options for optimum foundation wall protection and concrete blinding beds.

Foundation Wall Protection – When walls must stand for generations.

Lining underground walls with ISO-DRAIN dimpled sheet upgrades them with guaranteed protection against moisture and even standing water. In addition ISO-DRAIN sheet products provide optimum ventilation and thermal insulation over the wall surface. Rot-proof and impervious to root penetration, they also exhibit outstanding compressive strength, helping to ensure a long service life of the entire structure. Installation of ISO-DRAIN dimpled sheet is fast and easy, contributing to rapid and cost-efficient execution of the overall project.

Guaranteed protection against moisture
Optimum full-surface ventilation
Rot-proof, impervious to root penetration
Excellent compressive strength
Enhanced thermal insulation
Physical protection, e.g. in backfilling