Major project – “Brussels”
Brussels National Airport BIAC, Pier A

Around 50.000 m² dimpled sheet type ISO-DRAIN eco 20 installed!

Classic application of ISO-DRAIN dimpled sheets:
A helpful tool in the construction of basement and cellar etc. The dimpled sheets are intended to protecting foundation walls and ensure good ventilation of the building. They protect the walls against moisture and are root and rot resistant. A further advantage is the additional thermal insulation.

ISO-DRAIN dimpled sheets as a blinding bed:

ISO-DRAIN 20 serves as a clean layer which can assume the function of the previously used lean concrete. The construction works is protected against rising moisture.

Overview of advantages:
  • no further excavation
  • no lean concrete layer
  • easy installation
  • No time-loss (continue working immediately), regardless of weather condition
  • Cost-effective