ISO-CLEAN Dust Control Walls

ISO-CLEAN dust control walls partition rooms of all kinds in a modern and eye-pleasing manner during renovation or construction work. They securely separate the work zone from areas in normal use and control spreading of dust and debris. Areas near the work zone remain available for residential or commercial use without bothersome dirt and dust. This is of prime importance in areas with heavy visitor traffic such as shopping malls, open-plan offices, hotels, etc. - i.e. wherever pedestrians or employees are numerous and close by.

This indoor partitioning system provides unique benefits, combining ultra-lightweight construction with rugged strength and durability. Its ease of installation and disassembly even in cramped spaces has earned praise from enthusiastic users in many countries. ISO-CLEAN has outstanding fire resistance (B1 rating according to DIN 4102 Part 1), meeting safety codes and providing applications versatility in short and long-term use. By clearly bordering off and defining work zones, the system encourages efficient work procedures. Its smooth white surface has a clean and neat appearance and is ideal for corporate logos, advertising or other information.

Product Programme Dust Control Walls Floor Covering Panels
  Structured-core panels
ISO-CLEAN 10/2000
approx. 10 mm thick, 2000 g/m²
Twin-wall panels
thickness and area weight as per specific application
Dimensions / design 2.4 x 2.1 m / open edges, colour: white 2.4 x 2.1 m / open edges, colour: white

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