ISO-DRAIN nature 10 M

Ceramic or concrete slabs and - in particular - elegant and timeless natural stone are in perennial demand for paving in roof gardens as well as terraces and balconies. To ensure long-lasting aesthetic enjoyment and to prevent efflorescence or other moisture-related damage, experience has shown that such roofs are best installed in a 4-layer composite system. The system consists of the slab or natural stone surfacing, a pervious (single-size aggregate) screed layer, ISO-DRAIN nature 10 M and the roof waterproofing, configured with a slight downward pitch. ISO-DRAIN nature 10 M is the key component of the system. Its capillary-passive, full-surface drainage action makes it ideal for use under pervious screed based surfacing on flat structures. Its unique mesh lamination, complete uncoupling effect and high drainage capacity combine to ensure rapid, backlog-free water removal.

Technical Data ISO-DRAIN nature 10 M
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