ISO-DRAIN eco 2+2 GS

The challenge: keeping basements dry and well insulated.

The damage and inconvenience caused by water infiltration through basement walls - due to heavy rains, thawing snow etc, - are nightmares for property owners. The best safeguard for elastic waterproof coatings: ISO-DRAIN eco 2+2 GS with geotextile and integrated Slip film.

The Slip film facing to the foundation with the non-dimpled side adheres firmly to the elastic waterproofing layer and allows the dimpled sheet to move in response to tensile and shear forces due to soil settlement thus avoiding damage to the waterproofing layer. The elastic waterproof coating is thereby protected against punctual pressure load. The ISO-DRAIN 2+2 GS also carries CE marking certifying compliance with EN ISO 13252.

Technical Data ISO-DRAIN eco 2+2 GS
Download Technical Data ISO-DRAIN Special Sheets (PDF)