ISO-DRAIN eco 2+2 G

The challenge: keeping basements dry and well insulated.

The damage and inconvenience caused by water infiltration through basement walls - due to heavy rains, thawing snow etc, - are nightmares for property owners. Various sheet products and thermal insulation systems have been offered in the past as answers to these problems. Now, with the introduction of ISO-DRAIN eco 2+2 G, a new era has begun in protection of external insulation over foundation walls.

ISO-DRAIN eco 2+2 G is supplied with specially engineered dimple texturing, 2+2 mm in height, and large section widths, 2.20 m wide with 10 cm additional geotextile overhang.The sheet dimensions permit either horizontal or vertical installation as required by the basement depth at hand.

ISO-DRAIN eco 2+2 G carries CE marking certifying compliance with EN ISO 13252. It also conforms fully with DIN 4095. ISO-DRAIN 2+2 GEO offers an outstanding compressive strength (370 kN/m²) and withstands soil pressure even at extreme installation depths up to 10 m depending on the structure below. Impermeable to water and water vapour, the sheet product keeps water away from the external insulation.

With dimple texturing on both sides, ISO-DRAIN eco 2+2 G creates a ventilated air gap on its inner side as well as a full-surface drainage layer facing outwards to the soil. The drainage layer is bordered by an integrated hydrophilic geotextile mat with high water permeability. ISO-DRAIN eco 2+2 G is ideally suited for problem-free installation over rigid substrates. Its specially designed positive-negative dimple texturing – present on both sides of the product – distributes compressive force evenly, reliably protecting the insulation slabs as well as the bitumenous coating or other waterproofing system located below.

Technical Data ISO-DRAIN eco 2+2 G
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